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It helps to ask…

Sometimes I don’t ask and then end up tolerating things I don’t need to. Recently I received a jury duty summons. I had the summons on my desk for awhile and I was resigned to going, but as the time approached I felt more and moresqueezed by the time commitment. I don’t know if it […]

Storm Warnings

There are times in my life when my emotions take me for a ride. And it is usually not fun. When this happens, I feel like a fish on dry land or like I am sunburned. Everything hurts. I call these periods of uber sensitivity storms. This is fitting because it acknowledges that they will […]

I want to clean things up.

Last weekend I pulled EVERYTHING out of my closet. I mean everything. I can not under score how cathartic it is to eliminate excess and create order. The feeling is sublime. I found myself vacuuming and wiping down the corners behind my shoes. Sometimes I forget before things get sorted, I need to make more […]

What are you afraid of?

I often ask my clients “what scares you the most?” When I ask this question, I think of my oldest daughter. She was a freshman at a college in Colorado when she told me she wanted to do a winter camping program during her January break. NOLS programs are extreme and the description of this […]