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Love YOU!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”  Oscar Wilde I have a question for you. What loving action can you do for yourself today? A friend of mine has scheduled a day of beauty: a hair appointment, a pedicure, then lunch with a friend. It’s her birthday and she is celebrating connecting […]

Are you asking for what you want?

Sometimes I don’t ask for what I want and then I end up tolerating things I don’t need to. Recently, I received a jury duty summons. The summons was sitting on my desk for a while and I was resigned to going, but as the date approached I felt more and more squeezed by the […]

Is There Something You Are Resisting?

Are you resisting something like exercising, eating good food, not having another drink or picking up the phone? Are you suffering about it? Does it make you anxious? Last week I watched myself do everything BUT look at my bank account online. I emptied the dishwasher, I put in a load of laundry, I watered […]

Are You Handling A Lot?

Recently I have had a lot of BIG waves come at me. One life challenge after another. When this happens it is easy to feel like it is all too much. Do you know what I mean? Two weeks ago I was driving to see my son and listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book: The […]

I Believe You Can

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend of mine. I know that’s not such a big deal, but this is a friend whose husband passed away almost a year ago in a tragic accident. Her world-view and perspective on life will never be the same, and she shared some really inspirational words with me that […]

Getting Real

On December 22nd 2015 I did something that radically changed my life. I stopped a habit that was not healthy for me. I stopped coloring my hair and cut my hair off. It was radical because I had had long, dark hair for 40 years. What prompted me to shear it all off was catching […]

The Things You Do For Love..

“The things you do for love” became a family phrase in the fall of 2009 when my son’s mental illness began to emerge. He was in college in Vermont and my maternal instinct told me to go get him. I drove 5 hours north, picked him up and drove 5 hours back so he could […]

Why Are You Waiting?

Have you ever noticed that months and even years can pass by while you wait for the “right” time to make a change? Maybe you want to change your job, get in shape, or find romance. Maybe you have a book you want to write or a trip you want to take. Maybe you just […]

I Was Noticing..

Two weeks ago I found myself shoveling a lot of snow for the second time in one week. The voices in my head went something like this… “My hands are cold.” “The snow is heavy.” “I don’t want to do this.” “Why do I have to do everything?” I listened to the negative chatter for […]

The magic of random acts of kindness.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way I want it to. Like today. I’m on a plane to Los Angeles, but this morning I encountered every possible block. I do this thing when I am anxious that drives my kids crazy…I don’t look at the clock. This only increases the tension and there is some primitive […]